Yetanotherlibrarianblog – a beginning

Yet another librarians blog? Aren’t there enough already? One could surely think that when they cruise the world of library blogs and contend with the sheer volume out there on the Web. It sure does seem us librarians like blogs. We like to create them, we like to read them. We like talking about them. We like sharing them. And we might like to ask is there room, need or call for yet another librarians blog? But I just say, it’s just one more. Sure, what’s the harm…

Hence, my own little corner of the web has been claimed where I can throw my own voice into the mix. But first, a little bit of background for those of us who like that sort of thing – and to provide context for the hoped for future reading of any posts.

I have been working in an academic library for 12 years now. I still love the profession and the work as much as the first day I first started in our Medical Branch  library. I have, since then, worked in all divisions, if not all sections, of our library so have, I feel, a pretty rounded idea of what it means to be an Academic Librarian. During my first few years working as a librarian I obtained my library qualification via distance learning with the University of Wales Aberystwyth. So that there is the professional and experiential background.

I currently work in the Business & Social Sciences Reference Section and have done so for the last four years. This for me is perfect – my academic training is in Sociology – and that is the educational background. For me personally, the Reference Desk  is where it is at. That for me is  librarianship. For me working in a library is all about the user and the quest to connect them with the vast information sources that we hold.  Having worked different divisions I know we all play our part but I prefer the cut and thrust of front of house where the user is King/Queen.

This blog, I hope, will not focus on just any one  aspect of librarianship. Something catches my eye or brain and I will be able to craft a post.  My goal is to be as  the magpie – talking about whatever takes my fancy at any particular time. Some posts will be light throwaway pieces that might earn a nod of recognition and a smile from the reader and be forgotten. Others I hope will engage the reader and cause them to muse on the particular topic. And perhaps to engage in a dialogue with me and hopefully others. And if I am talking to an empty room – sure, what’s the harm…


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